Eventive Configurator

Meet our visual editor that you can use to customize nearly every aspect of your Eventive site and Virtual Catalog.

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The Eventive Configurator is our full-featured visual editor that you can use to customize your live site and virtual catalog.

See a live preview of all the changes you make using the Configurator, and once you Save they go live in a matter of seconds.

Watch our Using the Configurator video!

Launch the Configurator

  1. Select your event bucket then click "Settings"

  2. Scroll down and click "Launch Configurator"

NOTE: If multiple people from your organization have the Configurator open at the same time, the last one to Save and Close will overwrite changes made previously. Be sure that only one person in your organization is working in the Configurator at a time!

Configurator Sections

The Configurator is divided into sections, accessible via the tabs at the top of the page.

Click each link below to read a Help Article that goes into detail about EVERY setting available in each section!

Switch to raw editor

On nearly every tab located within your Configurator, you can click "Switch to raw editor" above a content block and embed videos, photos, and other content. This requires a working knowledge of HTML.

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