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Download All Transactions for an Event or Screening
Download All Transactions for an Event or Screening

Easily export all ledger transactions from each physical event or virtual screening's Exports page.

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Download all ticket and donation transactions for a physical event or virtual screening with the Event Ledger Transactions export.

This export can provide the most accurate, comprehensive data regarding payouts and line items. It's a great way to filter for donations within a specific event, while including audience names and emails. Perfect for finding the contact information for an event's donors!

To find Event Ledger Transactions, first click "View" next to the event or screening:

Screenshot of a list of Physical Events or Virtual Screenings. On the far right of the list is a column titled "Actions" in the actions column click the "View" link to go to the Event Insights Page.

Then open the Exports tab:

Screenshot of the top of an Event Insights page showing the name of the film, venue and event date. Beneath the title, there is a blue bar that extends across the width of the page that contains 3 links; "Insights", "Tickets" and "Exports". Click the "Exports" link to open the Exports tab.

And click "Download all ledger transactions"

A screenshot of the Exports tab showing a list of exportable reports relating to this one event. The button at the very bottom of the tab is labelled "Download all Ledger Transactions (CSV).

The export will automatically download as .CSV spreadsheet file containing the following data:

TIME PERIOD - The month and year of the transaction.

CATEGORY - This will show the title of the screening/event if the order was for a ticket, or DONATION if the order was a donation.

DATE - The date and time the order was placed.

TYPE - This will say PAYMENT or ADJUSTMENT, if the line item is for a deferred fee.

CLASS - TICKET for ticket purchases or ITEM for donations.

SUBCATEGORY - This will show the ticket bucket the order came from.

VARIANT - The name of the ticket bucket variant the order came from, if applicable, will display here.

ACCT TYPE - This will show STRIPE for paid orders and NONE for free orders.

GROSS - The total price of the order before fees.

FEE - The total amount of fees taken out of the order, displayed as a negative number.

NET - The GROSS minus FEE amount netted by your organization from this order.

NAME - The customer's name.

EMAIL - The customer's email address.

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