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Disable Standalone Tickets for Specific Events
Disable Standalone Tickets for Specific Events

Make certain events or screenings available to passholders only.

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You may want to only offer tickets to passholders for certain events or screenings, while keeping your Event Bucket Mode set to Default.

Here's how!

1. In the virtual or physical event editor, scroll down to the "Standalone tickets" section

2. Unselect "Use default event bucket setting"

3. Select "Disable standalone ticket sales (only allow passholders)"

4. Click Save Changes

To customize the message that's shown to non-passholders when they attempt to order a ticket:

  1. Navigate the Tickets tab in the Configurator

  2. Scroll down to "Standalone ticket sales disabled"

  3. Write your custom message

  4. Click Save

Remember, you still need to create a ticket bucket in order for passholders to reserve tickets.

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