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Override Geographic Restrictions with Pass Rules
Override Geographic Restrictions with Pass Rules

Give access to someone outside a virtual screening's geographic restriction by enabling Bypass Geographic Restrictions on a pass bucket.

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You may have certain audience members who reside outside a virtual screening's geographic restrictions - jury members, filmmakers, or other VIPs - who you wish to have access to the screening.

The solution? Enable "bypass geographic restrictions" on a pass bucket to create a pass that can override the geographic restrictions!

If you haven't set up a pass yet, check out this video that walks you through the process, or this article about pass buckets!

How to override geographic restrictions:

  1. Either create a new pass bucket, or duplicate an existing pass bucket by clicking the duplicate icon in the top right of the screen:


2. Click Pass Rules (in the right corner of the blue banner), and scroll down to "Virtual screening restrictions" and check the "Bypass geographic restrictions" box:


3. Click save, and now this pass will bypass geographic restrictions for virtual screenings! There's no additional action needed for passholders.

There are a number of ways to send these passes to your special guests -- use the Box Office, Bulk Import Passes, or send your guests a direct link to buy a pass!

Please note that there is not currently an option to override geographic restrictions with a special ticket. Bypassing geographic restrictions is only possible by enabling this setting on a pass bucket.

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