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Understanding Your Audience
Understanding Your Audience

Harness the reporting power of Eventive for a more in-depth look at your audience.

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There are many ways to analyze attendance for your events including Global Reports and Analytics. Here are a few helpful hints for finding the data you need!

For a report of all attendees for a specific event (virtual or physical), click "View" next to the event on your Dashboard and navigate to the Exports tab. You have a number of options:

  1. DOWNLOAD ATTENDEES LIST (PDF or CSV) - a list of everyone who purchased (free or paid) a ticket for this event

  2. DOWNLOAD ALL TICKETS (PDF) - (used for physical events) download all purchased (free or paid) tickets

  3. DOWNLOAD SCANNED ATTENDEES (CSV) - a list of everyone whose ticket was scanned. For physical events, a scanned ticket refers to a ticket that was physically scanned at the door. For virtual events, a scanned ticket refers to a ticket that was unlocked by clicking "Watch Now."

Screenshot of Exports tab showing four buttons corresponding to the following downloadable reports (listed in order); "Download Attendees List (PDF)", "Download Attendees List (CSV)", "Download All Tickets (PDF)" and "Download Scanned Attendees (CSV)". The export tab can be found by clicking the "Exports" link on the far right hand side of the blue bar located at the top of the a Physical Event or Virtual Screening Insights Page.

Learn more about collecting ticket sale and attendee data on a per-event basis here.

General Attendance Reports

Access attendee reports for Event Buckets directly from the Global Reports section on your Eventive dashboard.

Single ticket buyers who are not passholders: Use this report to view a list of all standalone ticket purchasers. Details include Name, Email, and Quantity.

Tickets by person (will call): Use this report to view a complete list of tickets purchased for an Event Bucket, organized by the ticket purchaser. Details include Name, Email, and Tickets (with event details).

Attendees ranked by number of events attended: Use this unique report to see who are your most devoted attendees. It lists the Name, Email, and # of Events attended for all attendees.

Person notes report: Unfortunately, this report is currently unavailable. - But we are working hard to restore it in a timely manner!

Attendee Analytics

Open Attendee Analytics from the Analytics section of your Dashboard. View attendance analytics based on EVENT, VENUE, TAG, or DATE.

The top of the page will show you the number of: Unique Attendees, Unique Scanned Attendees, Tickets Issued, and Tickets Scanned. Learn more about Unique Attendees here.

Data generated here include:

  • Passholder tickets (tickets reserved by a pass)

  • Standalone tickets (tickets reserved without a pass)

  • No Acct/Rush (used for Physical Events, tickets reserved via the Rush Line)

  • Total (scanned tickets + total tickets reserved)

An advanced option is to use the Eventive API to plug your external attendee gate or entry management system directly into Eventive.

Streaming Analytics

Streaming Analytics gives you a real-time view of content streaming on your platform.

Under Global Reports, you'll also find the Streaming Analytics Report. This will give you an export containing PERSON, LOCATION, and STREAMING information, including the amount of time a person has watched the content. Please note that audience members accessing content through TV apps are not recorded in this report.

To view a list of audience members based on the specific virtual content they have viewed (including duration watched), generate the Streaming Analytics Report and use the filter function under the Virtual Content column.

NOTE: If you want to know how many people have started watching a screening, use the Scanned Tickets export mentioned at the beginning of this article! To see if they've finished it, view the Unlock status column under TICKETS or the Streaming Analytics Report.

App Users

Audience members accessing your content via the Roku, Amazon Fire, or AppleTV App will not appear in your Streaming Analytics Report. To estimate the number of app users watching your content, use this equation:

App users = (# of scanned tickets) - (# of non-app viewers)

Visit the Attendee Analytics page on your dashboard to find the number of scanned tickets.

Download the Streaming Analytics Report for that event bucket based on the dates the event has been available. Filter the exported spreadsheet for repeating email addresses to find the number of viewers excluding app users.

Livestream Attendance

For an accurate report of livestream attendance, be sure to wait until the livestream is completely over. Once the livestream event is complete, click VIEW next to the livestream you wish to examine, select EXPORTS, and then DOWNLOAD ATTENDEE LIST.

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