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Track Sale Origin Through Eventive
Track Sale Origin Through Eventive

Monitor where sales are generated from through Eventive's many tracking pathways.

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Use Eventive's tips to capture key marketing and financial data by tracking the origin of ticket and pass sales!

If you are looking for ways to analyze your financial and sales data more generally, check out our Sales Analytics guide and Financial Global Reports article.

Ideas for Tracking Ticket and Pass Sale Origins

Create a Unique Screening

An easy way to track tickets for a group is to create a unique screening specific to that group. Do this by duplicating your event and changing the name to include the group's name.

For example, duplicate the event The Wizard of Oz to create The Wizard of Oz - Press Screening.

Use Discount Codes

Discount Codes are a great way to track any type of sale or transaction. While they are primarily used to provide discounted or free tickets/passes, you can also use discount codes to lock ticket sales to only allow those with the discount code to buy tickets. Learn more here.

For example, create a discount code called PRESS2020 and distribute that code to a group of journalists to track its use.

To generate a report of Discounts used, click "View" next to the discount code you want to review and see a dynamic list of uses, or scroll down and click "Download (.CSV)" for an export.

Add UTM Tracking Parameters to URLs used in your marketing campaigns

UTM tracking parameters can be added to any URL which you add as a link to your newsletter, website, social media posts or share with influencers to promote your events.

When a click through one of these URLs results in a sale, a tag associated with the UTM tracking script will be visible on the individual order page and the all orders CSV for 30 days following the sale.

Add Supplementary Data Fields to Passes

To track information on pass sales, you can add Supplementary data to the pass itself. You can collect any type of data you'd like as supplementary data.

For example, you can create fields for "Organization Name" or "Referred by."

You can then download a spreadsheet containing the supplementary data provided by passholders. Click "View" next to the pass bucket, then the "More" button. A menu will appear with the following options:

"Download passes" will generate a list of all passes within this pass bucket with supplementary data.

"Download passes + tickets ordered" will include a list of which screenings passholders reserved tickets to.

Custom Scripts for Eventive Native Site and Physical Event Orders

Use the "Additional scripts" option in the Misc tab of the Configurator in order to embed tracking code. Learn more here.

When using Google Tag Manager or other analytics plugins, specific elements are trackable for conversion monitoring. Learn more here.

Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel

For virtual events, use the Virtual tab in the Configurator to add Google Analytics account ID and Facebook Pixel code for site visit and conversion tracking.

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