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Customize and select links, icons, and destinations on your Eventive site navigation menus.

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The next tab to explore after clicking Launch Configurator from your event bucket settings page is the Menus tab.

The Menus tab controls which default sections are displayed in your site navigation, and allows you to add links to both external and internal website destinations.

Below you will find detailed descriptions of all the settings you can configure in the Menus tab:

Menu items: Edit the menu items shown in the lefthand navigation menu and the upper righthand icon menu (if logged in).

You have the option to select or unselect these 3 options:

Show Schedule

Show Film Guide

Show My Tickets

If you have changed the term for "Schedule" or "Film Guide" in the General Tab, the term(s) will be reflected here. For example, in the screenshot below, the term for "Schedule" had been changed to "Fun Schedule" in the General Tab.

NOTE: You cannot remove the "Passes" button from your menus if your event bucket has passes enabled.

When any of the options are selected, they appear in the left side menu on your Eventive site:

When any of the options are selected, they also appear as icons in the top right corner of your Eventive site when a user is logged in:

Custom links in lefthand navigation: Add custom items to the lefthand navigation menu.

NOTE: Any custom pages you create in the Pages tab will automatically be listed in your lefthand navigation menu.

Click the ADD ANOTHER MENU ITEM button, then you'll see the option to enter a Label for the Menu Item and URL destination for the menu item when clicked (include http://).

You can add as many Menu items as you'd like, just click ADD ANOTHER MENU ITEM! Want to delete a Menu item? Click the blue DELETE MENU ITEM link next to the Menu item.

NOTE: If you want to rearrange the order of your custom Menu items, you need to do so manually by deleting all Menu items and re-adding them in the order you wish them to be listed in the lefthand menu.

Add your custom Menu items to your Welcome page by adding buttons to correspond with your Menu items in the Welcome tab!

Easily add links to your social media accounts!

Facebook: Facebook profile name (e.g. for, write

Twitter: Twitter account name, no "@" - e.g. eventive_org

Instagram: Instagram username, no "@" - e.g. eventive_org

YouTube: YouTube full channel URL. Write entire "" link.

When you add social media account information:

NOTE: You cannot change the default "Connect with [your event bucket name]" language, nor can you change the location or order of your social media links.

Up next: Virtual tab!

(applicable only for organizations using Eventive Virtual)

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