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Tips & Tricks: Managing Events in a Pandemic
Tips & Tricks: Managing Events in a Pandemic

Keep your community safe as you return to in-person events.

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As we all know, COVID has introduced tremendous uncertainty in planning events over the last two years. It’s also provided a sobering reminder of how important the health and safety of our staff and audiences are. Here are some of the ways Eventive can help.


  • Mailings can be used to communicate with all of your audience and to target specific events.

  • Confirmation emails for pass and ticket orders with customizable language.

  • Under the Tickets and Misc tabs in the Configurator, there are options to add important and helpful messaging to Tickets and Ticketing pages.

  • Under Manage Account, you can be notified when an event reaches 80 percent capacity. This will give you a heads-up on events that may need extra focus, especially in case of reduced capacities.

In-Person Events

  • Within each Physical Event you can require a phone number to assist with contact tracing.

  • There’s also the option to add your COVID protocols to the waiver and terms. Before the transaction can be completed, the audience member will have to agree.


  • In Advanced Settings, you can require a pass to be checked in before it can be scanned at the door. This allows for confirming whether patrons meet the requirements - plus they won’t have to be checked over and over again.

  • In the Passes tab in Configurator, there are multiple places for additional messaging.

For a deeper dive, check out Tips & Tricks: Increasing Safety at Events.

As always, you can find more information on this topic and many others in the Eventive Help Center.

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