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Tips & Tricks: Increasing Safety at Events
Tips & Tricks: Increasing Safety at Events

Several Eventive features support running safe in-person, virtual, and hybrid events.

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Ensuring the safety of your attendees, staff, and volunteers is of utmost importance. Read through these tips to find the best tools in the Eventive platform that you can leverage to ensure a safe experience for all.

Planning Your Event

Before we cover the Eventive features that can be utilized, here are a few suggestions to consider.

Craft a Code of Conduct: Having one in place not only sets expectations for attendees, staff, and volunteers, it can provide guidelines to react to safety, security and health concerns. Don’t underestimate how empowering it is to your staff, volunteers, and patrons when there is a clear picture of what is acceptable behavior.

Alternatives to (No) Refunds: While retaining revenue is important, maintaining a continuity of experience and offering patron-friendly options is vital to the success of any organization. If possible, explore the ability to offer exchanges and transfers. Offering patrons the choice to turn a ticket into a donation can turn negative experiences into something more positive. Additional options can also redirect incoming inquiries, giving your staff space to deal with other urgent matters.

Set "go/no go" and pivot dates: Formalizing dates you’ll make large scale decisions will alleviate stress on staff and stakeholders. A pivot date can also be a useful as unexpected situations arise, leading to aspects of your event to shift.

Identify the communication points: Knowing in advance who will communicate certain information with staff, stakeholders, volunteers, and patrons can decrease misinformation and costly decisions. In addition, reviewing where that info is accessible is highly recommended.

On top of safety, consider how implementing these tools may further your organization's mission, brand, and inclusivity.

Add Messages in the Configurator

Messages can be added to Ticket Order confirmations, Pass Order confirmations, and printed tickets in the Misc tab of the Configurator.

This is a great place to add rules, terms of use, code of conduct details, and more.

The Welcome, Passes, and Tickets tabs offer opportunities to provide information and clarify policies. Add tables, intro and footer text, and messaging to areas such as the "My Tickets Page."

Additional custom Pages can be added to your Eventive Native Site. Custom pages can be a great way to provide expanded information on how to attend your event and what to expect, which can increase safety and make patrons feel more secure.

For instance, create Pages to provide parking suggestions, local restaurant recommendations, or ADA details about each of your venues.

Physical Event Tools

Waivers and Terms of Use

There is the option to add a waiver and terms in every physical event edit page. When enabled, the purchaser will have to agree to the waiver message you add before a transaction can be completed. The waiver can even include links, creating the opportunity to include more details.

Custom Confirmation Emails

Custom messaging can be added to Physical Event confirmation emails in the Physical Event editor. The information provided can be specific to each event, which is great for venue-specific rules or policies.

Collect Phone Numbers

You can choose to require customer phone numbers for any Physical Event. This is useful for contact tracing and events that require another layer of communication.

Pass Bucket Tools

Pass Buckets are fully customizable, perfect for creating pass types that are as unique as your event is. You can request supplementary data such as phone numbers or mailing addresses, and add custom confirmation email messaging. Pass Rules can be leveraged not only to add benefits, but also can be used strategically to assist with safety. For example, restrict the number of advance reservations to easily anticipate event capacity.

Waivers and Terms of Use

You can add waiver messages to Pass Buckets, ensuring that pass purchasers agree to the terms you create before placing an order. The Pass Bucket waiver message can be customized per Pass type.

Require Pass Check-in

You can require a pass to be checked in before it can be used on a per-Pass Bucket basis. This is a great way to ensure patrons check in at a vaccine verification station, for example, before being allowed into a venue. This option is found in Advanced Settings on the Pass Bucket edit page.

Venue Management

Venue Information

Adding descriptions and addresses to your venues can be a huge assist for safety. If a location is difficult to verify, this can be a source that eliminates confusion. Adding the proper name and the venue’s nickname can also be a help.

Reserved Seating

Reserved seating can be added to venues, including the option to add ADA and companion seating and dynamic social distancing rules.

External Barcodes

Organizers can also associate external barcodes, such as a hardcoded NFC tag ID with passes, via the Eventive API. This can add secure access to events as well as expand interactive and transaction options.

Box Office and Ticketing

Cashier Logins

Allow cashiers to log in with an account that has the Box Office Cashier role to ensure they can only access the Box Office page on your dashboard, keeping the rest of your account information private.

Threshold Alerts

You can choose to be notified when an event reaches 80 percent capacity in the Manage Account section of your Dashboard. This will give you a heads up on events that may need extra focus, especially if there are reduced capacities.

Eventive Scanners

Depending on the size of your event and attendance, renting Scanners can make getting through long lines and large crowds quicker and more efficient.

Accurate scanning can assist house managers with managing crowds. Scanning also assists in planning future events in understanding audience attendance. Lastly, scanning can make contacting patrons easier if the need arises, and emergency responders will often need that information when assessing an incident.

Eventive Terminals

Eventive Terminals can be used to offer contactless in-person checkout at your Box Office. Terminals often make in-person transactions shorter and keeps lines moving.

Shift Tracking

Turning on shift tracking can provide more oversight when you have a large number of cashiers using the dashboard.

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