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Using Box Office in POS Mode
Using Box Office in POS Mode

For venue point of sale use, efficient point and click sales of tickets, concessions and merch with our intuitive graphic interface.

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Launch the Box Office

  1. Select your event bucket from the Dashboard

  2. In the menu on the left side of your dashboard, click Box Office.

  3. In the top right corner of the box office screen, check to see if POS Mode is selected. If the box office is not already in POS Mode, click “Switch to POS”.

Organizing Your View

In POS Mode, you can filter the box office view to keep your screenings tidy, uncluttered and manageable. Filters are located in the grey bar across the top of the Box Office page. You can filter your events by venue by using the dropdown menu. You can also opt to filter for events or screenings happening today or to filter by tag by checking those options. You can also search for Events by entering all or part of a film's title.

Beneath the filter settings, you can sort your filtered results in chronological or alphabetical order by clicking “Next Up” or “A-Z”.

Adding Physical Event Tickets to the Cart (for venues with Open Seating)

  1. For the order type, select “Box Office Order”.

  2. For the desired screening, select the date from the date dropdown menu.

  3. For the desired screening, select the screening time by clicking on the appropriate time.

  4. Select the ticket variant to add the ticket to the shopping cart.

  5. Adjust the quantity of tickets in the shopping cart by clicking the + and - symbols to the left and right of the ticket quantity.

Adding Physical Event Tickets to the Cart (venues with Reserved Seating)

  1. “Order Type” select “Box Office Order”.

  2. For the desired screening, select the date from the date dropdown menu and click the desired screening time.

  3. Click the desired variant for the first ticket in the order.

  4. Click “Choose seats” next to the ticket in the shopping cart to open the seatmap.

  5. Choose the first seat from the seatmap.

  6. Confirm the desired price variant for the ticket.

  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 to add additional tickets to the shopping cart.

  8. When you finish adding seats to the cart, click “Continue” to return to the shopping cart.

Adding Tickets to the Cart - Virtual Screenings

  1. “Order Type” select “Box Office Order”.

  2. For the desired screening, select Virtual Screening from the date dropdown menu.

  3. Click the “Virtual” to add the desired screening to the shopping cart.

Adding Passes and Items to the Cart

  1. For the order type, select “Box Office Order”.

  2. Select either the +TICKET, +PASS, and/or +ITEMS buttons to add items to the order. You can either select from the dropdown or begin typing in the text field to filter the options. If there are ticket or item variants, you will be prompted to select one here.

  3. For pass order, you will also have the option to name and complete supplementary date for the pass on this screen.

Applying a Discount

If you want to apply a discount to the order - for example, to give free tickets to a colleague or special guest - click the +DISCOUNT button. Learn more about issuing free and discounted tickets and passes.

Entering Customer Information

Once you add everything to the order, type the customer's email address into the “Customer email address” field. At this time, you can also enter the customer’s name and an additional custom message that will be included in the order confirmation email.

Once you have finished adding items to your cart and you’ve added the customer information to the order you are ready to begin processing payment.

If the email address isn't already associated with an Eventive account, a new account will be automatically created, so they can log in to view their purchases – and make new ones – at any time!

Note: You can process an order without adding a customer email or name to the order, but the customer will not receive an email confirmation of the order and the order may be difficult to locate if the order needs to be refunded or if the tickets need to be exchanged. For troubleshooting purposes, it is always advisable to associate an email address with each order.

Processing Payment

If the customer already has an Eventive account with a payment method connected, their saved payment method will be charged, or you can select Eventive Terminal, Card, Cash, or Check.

Eventive Terminal

  1. Select “Eventive Terminal” from the list of payment methods.

  2. Click “Place Order” and direct the customer to complete the order on the terminal.

Credit / Manual Card

If you are not using Eventive Terminal, this option will be called “Credit”. When you have an Eventive Terminal connected to the Box Office, this option will be called “Manual Card”

  1. Select “Credit” or “Manual Card” from the list of payment methods.

  2. Enter the credit card information in the fields provided, or click “Swipe Card” to swipe the card using a USB magnetic card reader.

  3. Verify that the credit card information is entered correctly and click “Place Order” to process the payment.


  1. Select “Cash” from the list of payment methods.

  2. Under “Cash tendered” use the buttons or the field provided to enter the amount of cash given by the customer. This feature will calculate and display the change due to the customer.

  3. Click “Place Order” to record the cash sale.


  1. Select “Check” from the list of payment methods.

  2. Have the customer complete the check for the amount of the order.

  3. Enter the check number and any other pertinent identifying details in the “Check number” field.

  4. Click “Place Order” to record the check sale.

Completing the Order

Once you’ve clicked “Place Order”, the order is complete and an order confirmation email will be sent to the customer’s email address. The order confirmation will contain any ticket pdfs, streaming links, and account management links that pertain to the order along with any custom text that you have configured in the configurator, pass bucket configuration, physical event and virtual screening setups.

If the order includes tickets, a print preview screen will open. If you have a ticket printer connected to your station, you can print the tickets from the print dialog. If you do not need to print the tickets, close the print dialog to return to the box office window.

If the order includes a pass and the pass label printer has been configured in your dashboard, a print preview screen will open. If you have a label printer connected to your station you can print pass labels from the print dialog. If you do not need to print the pass label, close the print dialog to return to the box office window.

Note: If the pass label printer has not been configured and the pass printing format has been specified, an error message will appear in place of the print preview screen when a pass order is processed. Do not be alarmed by this error, the order has already been safely completed. Close the error dialog to return to the box office window.

Learn more about renting or purchasing ticket printers, cash drawers, and credit card readers.

Passholder Reservation

To issue a ticket, pass, or item to an existing passholder or member, select "Passholder Reservation."

Begin typing the name on the customer's pass into the "Pass name" field and it will auto-populate with matching pass names for you to select.

Note: If you are having difficulty locating a customer’s pass when searching for the pass by name, go to the customer’s profile to verify that the pass has been named and that the name of the pass is something that is intuitively searchable. If a pass is unnamed, it won’t be searchable in the box office. It is good practice to include the customer’s name at the beginning of the pass name.

From the customer profile, you can name an unnamed pass by checking “Enter edit mode” at the top of the customer profile and then clicking “edit” next to the pass name you need to update.

Once you've selected a pass, add tickets, additional passes, and/or items to the order and the Box Office will automatically apply the pass bucket benefits created using pass rules.

For example, if the pass bucket's pass rules are set up to give 100% off all ticket orders, the tickets you add to the Passholder Reservation will be 100% off!

To complete the Passholder Reservation, click Place Order!

Collect Mailing Addresses and Phone Numbers at Checkout

If an order contains a ticket for a physical event that has "Require customer mailing address" or "Require customer phone number" enabled, a customer mailing address and/or phone number field will appear.

Group Sales

Use Group Sales to issue tickets in bulk to a group of people!

This is especially helpful when you need to issue the same tickets to separate email addresses using the same payment method, issue free tickets to a list, or input previously-purchased tickets so they show properly in your inventory.

Learn more about Group Sales here.

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