Integrate Sponsors into a Virtual Event

New and exciting ways to include and thank your sponsors in your Eventive Virtual event.

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There are many ways to integrate sponsors into your virtual event! Below are a few suggestions and examples from Eventive Virtual organizations.

Acknowledge sponsors via pre-roll or post-roll video content

We frequently see organizations include sponsors in through pre-roll and/or post-roll video content, which are short videos that play before/after your virtual screenings. These short pieces of content may simply include sponsor logos, special thanks, or even consist of commercials from your sponsors.

Learn more about using pre-roll and post-roll here.

To upload pre- and post-roll to play before and/or after all virtual screenings:

  1. Click “Open Eventive Virtual Settings" on your Event Bucket's Settings page.

  2. Scroll down to “Default pre-roll and post-roll content."

  3. Click the "Add Virtual Content" buttons to upload pre-roll and/or post-roll videos.

  4. Add as many individual pieces of pre- or post-roll as you like, in the sequence you'd like them to play.

To upload pre-roll and post-roll for a specific virtual screening:

  1. Click Virtual Screenings on your left side menu.

  2. Click "Edit" next to the virtual screening you'd like to add pre- or post-roll to.

  3. Un-select the "Use default event bucket setting" box(es) under "Pre-Roll Virtual Content" and/or "Post-Roll Virtual Content" and you will see the option to upload custom pre-/post-roll.

  4. Click the "Add Virtual Content" button and you can upload pre- and post-roll that will play ONLY for the virtual screening you're editing.

Add sponsor graphics to a virtual screening watch page

You can add graphics to the bottom right corner of a virtual screening watch page, and we often see organizations add a sponsor graphic here. These graphics are called Display Ads, and you can upload multiple images to this space in a virtual screening's edit page. Learn more about Display Ads here.

Include sponsors in your header graphic

Including sponsors in the image you upload as a header graphic for your Virtual Catalog is a great, highly visible way to recognize sponsors. Upload a graphic in the Virtual Tab in the Configurator, in the section called "Header Graphic." Learn more here.

Create a section in your Virtual Catalog exclusively for Sponsor Content

If you have certain sponsored screenings you wish to highlight, create a tag such as "From Our Sponsors" or "Sponsor Spotlight," and add the tag to all applicable virtual screenings. This is also called adding a Display Section. Learn more about creating Display Sections in your Virtual Catalog here.

Include sponsors in footer graphics

You can upload a footer graphic to your Virtual Catalog page as well as across your virtual watch pages in the Virtual Tab of the Configurator! Learn more here.

You can upload graphics across your Eventive Native Site and Virtual Catalog. Learn more about customizing your Eventive site.

Add the sponsor name to the title of a screening

When creating a virtual screening, name the event something like "Feature Film presented by Sponsor" for high sponsor visibility!

Name your Audience Award the "Sponsor" Audience Award

You would do this in the Virtual Tab of the Configurator, by selecting "Yes, customize Online Balloting Text."

There are many other ways you can get creative and include sponsor recognition throughout your virtual event!

Did you come up with a creative way to thank your sponsors? Let us know!

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