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Eventive for Colleges, Universities and Academic Institutions
Eventive for Colleges, Universities and Academic Institutions

Offer programming for students and reconnect with alumni through Eventive's all-in-one platform.

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You may find answers to most questions about Eventive Virtual, including a full pricing breakdown, in our Eventive Virtual Organizer FAQ. Below you will find answers to questions specific to academic institutions:

Can Eventive Virtual be used for content beyond film?

Absolutely! Anything you can record as a video can be presented as a VOD screening, a Real Time Broadcast, or a Livestream! Eventive has connected viewers with engaging speakers, a cappella concerts, sporting events -- the list goes on.

Can we integrate our website with Eventive?

Yes! Eventive Everywhere allows you to embed ticketing buttons directly onto your website, and our easy-to-use Embed Wizard provides all the code you need to embed sites such as your Eventive schedule and event information pages. You can also customize your design and incorporate your branding across the platform so viewers know it belongs to you.

Can Eventive help us connect with alumni?

Absolutely! If you organize special concerts, lectures or panels around Homecoming and Reunions, why not add a virtual component for those who can’t make it in person? Or use virtual events to connect with alumni between special gatherings on campus. You can analyze data on your most engaged attendees, collect donations and sell merch to promote school pride! Check out our how-to guide for virtual reunion and commencement events!

Can we use Eventive for in-person events as well as virtual events?

Yes! Add venue information, build seat maps and sell tickets either as general admission or reserved seating -- perfect for creating new socially distant seating arrangements! Sell tickets and passes online or at the door, generate physical tickets, scan in attendees as they arrive, and keep all of your data in one place.

Some of my programs are grant-funded or co-sponsored with other organizations. How can Eventive help?

Eventive makes it easy to integrate sponsors on all of your screening pages so you can thank everyone involved with putting on the show. Display ads on screening pages, pre-roll content, and naming audience awards after donors are all great ways to highlight your supporters!

My finance center won’t allow me to connect a bank account using Stripe. Can I still use Eventive?

Of course! We work with dozens of universities and other institutions who use purchase orders or require invoices to process payment. We can set you up with a Platform-Managed Account so Eventive can handle the transactions and send you periodic invoices and payments (for all the tickets you’re going to sell and donations you’ll collect!)

Ready to take a deeper dive? Check out our demo videos as well as these help articles that are especially relevant to what your organization can get out of Eventive!

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