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Customize your event site to make it uniquely yours using the Eventive Configurator.

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Nearly every aspect of your Eventive site is fully customizable using the Eventive Configurator.

Detailed guides about the many different options available to you can be found here. In this article, we'll focus on the basics.

Did you know? The font on your Eventive native site is Lato. If you have an Eventive Virtual watch site, the font on that site is Inter.

Launch the Configurator

  1. Select your event bucket then click "Settings"

  2. Scroll down and click "Launch Configurator"

The Configurator is divided into sections - navigable via the tabs at the top of the page - and includes inline explanations for every setting! Read through our help articles detailing every available setting, linked below!

Some Common Configurator Tasks:

  • Upload a banner to your Welcome site, emails, and more on the General tab

  • Upload a banner to your Virtual Catalog page on the Virtual tab

  • Add additional custom text to email confirmations on the Virtual tab

Check out our Using the Configurator video!

Read through our Help Articles about each Configurator Tab below!

Switch to raw editor

On nearly every tab located within your Configurator, you can click "Switch to raw editor" above a content block and embed videos, photos, and other content. This requires a working knowledge of HTML.

What's Next

After you click Save, your event will be almost 100% ready, but there's one final step: connect your bank account

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