Every aspect of your festival site is fully customizable using the Eventive Configurator. Detailed guides about all sorts of different options can be found here -- in this article, we'll focus on the basics.

Launching the Configurator

  1. From the Dashboard, select your event bucket and click "Settings".
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Launch Configurator".
  3. You'll see options on the lefthand side and a live preview on the right. Once you're done, click "Save" and your changes will instantly be applied to your live site.

Some basic Configurator tasks

The Configurator is divided into sections (navigable via the tabs at the top of the page) and includes inline explanations for every setting. Here are some common tasks to get started with the Configurator -- from here, feel free to explore on your own!

Customizing site colors / branding

General tab:

  • Banner image (shown at top of site & on printed materials)
  • Display name / display short name
  • Primary color / accent color

Setting up your Welcome page

Welcome tab:

  • Intro message (or switch to HTML mode for full customization)
  • Ways to See Table (a simple way to describe your festival's different modes of attendance, e.g. a column for standalone tickets, columns for each pass type)
  • Or hide the welcome page all together and take visitors directly to your schedule

List pass buckets for sale on the public site

Passes tab:

  • Passes to display (select the passes to display)
  • Pass details (enter description content for each displayed pass)

What next

There are a huge number of options available via the Configurator. If you're looking to customize something but can't seem to find it, just send us a message & we'll add the capability ASAP!

After you click "Save", your festival will be almost 100% ready, but there's one final step: connect your bank account.

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