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Tips & Tricks: Boost Sales with Memberships
Tips & Tricks: Boost Sales with Memberships

Build your audience and boost sales with Memberships.

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If you’re looking for a way to add year-round audience engagement, programming, or revenue, Eventive memberships can help with all of the above!

Use Pass Buckets to create recurring passes, such as annual or monthly memberships that renew automatically.

Denver Film offers different levels of memberships to their patrons.

A few ways that memberships can benefit your organization and your audiences:

  1. If you already offer year-round programming, you can set up a pass bucket specific for memberships, to offer added benefits for loyal members.

  2. Create your Membership passes in their own "Memberships" event bucket, then add global pass rules to the passes in order to apply Membership pass benefits across multiple event buckets.

  3. Membership pass buckets can also be enabled for gifting with online redemption, so your audience can gift memberships to friends and family.

  4. Use Mailings to stay in touch with your members and communicate member benefits.

  5. Speaking of benefits, you can use memberships to offer patrons discounted tickets, early registration, and other perks such as discounted concessions or merch - all in one place.

As always, you can find more information on this topic and many others in the Eventive Help Center.

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