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Create Your First Event Bucket
Create Your First Event Bucket

Event buckets are collections of related events, passes, and attendees.

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Eventive is an all-in-one solution for managing collections of events known as event buckets. An event bucket can represent anything from a film festival to an opera season.

Create an unlimited number of Physical or Virtual Events within a single Event Bucket!

For example, if you have an event bucket for the 2021 Awesome Film Festival, you could create an event for each film occurring as part of the festival. You could also create events for non-film events occurring throughout the festival: parties, receptions, panels, and beyond!

Create passes, discounts, send targeting mailings, manage people, and much more within each Event Bucket.

Check out our Create an Event Bucket video for more!

Create an Event Bucket

  1. Navigate to your Eventive Dashboard

  2. Click Create new next to the Event Buckets heading on the left side menu

3. Give your event bucket a name! It should be the name of the main event - ie. Awesome Film Festival 2021.

4. Create the subdomain URL to access your Eventive Native site. We recommend making this something recognizable to your audience - ie. awesomefilmfestival

5. The timezone setting defaults to your current timezone, but change it if the timezone of the event is different.

6. Your Event Bucket Mode is “Default” by default. Default Mode means both passes and standalone tickets will be available for sale. To change your Event Bucket Mode, click “Change mode.”

7. Click Save!

There are a number of other options on this page, but these are all the settings necessary to get started.

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