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Getting Started: A Quick Tour
Getting Started: A Quick Tour

Get started by taking a quick tour of the Eventive Platform!

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Familiarize yourself with the Eventive terminology and click the links throughout this article before you create your first event!

Organizer Admin Site

Eventive Dashboard

The Dashboard is the hub for building your events, managing your content and ticketing, and more. Log in to the Dashboard at Watch our video about creating an event bucket!


The Configurator is where you can customize the look and feel of your Eventive native site and Virtual Catalog. Check out our video all about the Configurator!

Audience Experience

Eventive Native Site

Your Eventive Native Site - [yourevent] - is the home for your Schedule, Film Guide, Pass Sales, Donations Page and more. It can be customized using the Configurator, and certain elements can be embedded on other platforms, such as your organization's own website.


The home for your Physical Events, the Schedule offers your audience multiple

options to view and filter so they can explore your in-person film screenings and events. Click here to learn how to make a schedule for your virtual screenings.

Physical Events Page

Upon clicking on a Physical Event in the Schedule, your audience can read a synopsis of each film in the program, get venue information, order tickets and more. Watch our video about creating physical events!

Film Guide

The Film Guide functions as your online brochure where your audience can search for films using various criteria or by using the Tags you have added to each film.

Film Page

Your audience can learn more about a film on its Film page, accessible by clicking on a Film within the Film Guide. Each Film page automatically connects to all available showings. Great for parents who can't remember which screening includes their daughter's film. πŸ˜€ Watch our video about creating films!

Virtual Catalog

If your Event Bucket has Eventive Virtual enabled, the Virtual Catalog is the page where your Virtual Screenings will appear. Your Virtual Catalog URL is[youreventbucket]

Virtual Screening Page

The Virtual Screening Page is the site where your audience will watch a given virtual screening. Think of each Virtual Screening Page as your virtual theater! Multiple films can be included in a single virtual screening, and you can customize many elements of a Virtual Screening Page. Watch our video about creating virtual screenings!

Ready to build your festival or event? Let's get started!

Check out our Onboarding Videos for video walk-throughs of the Eventive platform!

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