Sales Analytics

Use Sales Analytics to monitor live sales data and create segmented sales report by period or event.

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Sales Analytics shows sales segmented by Price Level and Event. Both options contain the same data, but segmented depending on your reporting needs.

PRICE LEVEL breaks down sales by the price levels found in every event's ticket bucket.

Screenshot of Sales Analytics by price level showing results for tickets by price point sorted into the following columns: Category, Gross Sales, Net Sales, Fees, Deferred Fees, Quantity, Credit (net) and Cash.

EVENT breaks down sales for each event and groups ticket buckets together.

Screenshot of Sales Analytics by event showing results for tickets by physical event or virtual screening sorted into the following columns: Category, Gross Sales, Net Sales, Fees, Deferred Fees, Quantity, Credit (net) and Cash.

Change Event Buckets to analyze using the dropdown menu and filter analytics by date using the "Click to Filter" button:

Screenshot of the two download buttons located at the bottom of the Sales Analytics page.  The button on the left downloads the report as a CSV, the button on the right downloads the report as a PDF.

Export this data using the Download buttons at the bottom of the page:

GROSS SALES: total sales for that category without any fees or taxes deducted

NET SALES: total sales after all fees & taxes are deducted

FEES: includes all transaction fees, DRM unlock fees deducted at the time of sale, and optional taxes collected

DEFERRED FEES: all DRM unlock fees from unpaid orders to be invoiced at the end of the month. To better understand how deferred fees work, take a look at our Guide to Understanding the Financial Process.

QUANTITY: total number of tickets, passes, or other items sold under that category (event or price level)

CREDIT (NET): total revenue deposited from Stripe (including cash sales) minus any deferred fees to be invoiced later

CASH: total sales from cash alone

PASSES: broken down by pass bucket, all sales generated from passes are reflected here. Notice that there are no deferred fees recorded on passes. No DRM unlock fees are taken out of pass sales directly. When ''free" tickets are reserved with a pass, they are displayed in the $0 ticket row. Tickets reserved via passes are reported as $0 tickets and any associated DRM unlock fee is shown as deferred fee in that row.

ITEMS: anything you've created under item buckets, excluding donations

DONATIONS: total revenue from donations. Please note: due to reduced processing rates on donations, the fees displayed here may not accurately reflect the reduced fee charged. Please contact us for more information.

OTHER: refers to revenue that is no longer connected to any specific items ordered. This may include credit card processing fees retained by Stripe on refunded orders or revenue that is collected on a deleted ticket. In your All Orders report or dashboard, any transactions shown as "all items deleted" will be included as "Other" here.

For more ways to analyze your financial data, read our Financial Global Reports & FAQ.

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