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Introduction to Box Office
Introduction to Box Office

Issue tickets, items, passes, group sales, passholder redemptions at the onsite point of sale or in your back office or call center.

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The Eventive Box Office is a complete solution for both paid and free in-person and over-the-phone ticket, pass, and item orders.

Select an unlimited number of tickets & passes to include in an order, apply discounts, select seats for reserved seating events, process payments with Eventive Terminal, and more!

No special equipment is required to set up the Eventive Box Office. For a full service stationery box office kiosk, concession or back office setup - a laptop or tablet, a ticket printer, label printer and Eventive Terminal or magnetic card reader are all you need to begin accepting payments and printing tickets. Depending on the services your box office requires, you may not need all of the previously mentioned equipment.


  • A call center that doesn’t serve walk-up customers will not need a ticket printer, terminal or card reader.

  • A guest services kiosk may not need a terminal or card reader to process payments, but they may need a ticket printer for reprinting tickets or a label printer in order to re-issue lost passes.

For a mobile box office solution, we recommend using the Eventive Box Office iPad app with an Eventive Reader.

Using a laptop or a tablet and an internet browser, the Eventive Dashboard Box Office has two different box office user interfaces for the dashboard box office, Web Mode and POS Mode.

To Open the Box Office on your Eventive Dashboard:

  1. Select your event bucket from the Dashboard

  2. In the menu on the left side of your dashboard, click Box Office

In the top right corner of the Box Office Window, click either POS Mode or Web Mode to select your Box Office interface. Web Mode is the original box office interface that Eventive’s long-time users will be familiar with. In Web Mode, tickets, passes, items and discounts are applied to the shopping cart by clicking the corresponding button (+Ticket, +Pass, +Item or +Discount) and then selecting the desired ticket, pass, item or discount from a dropdown menu. This interface is very clean and streamlined for organizations that are supporting and processing a large volume of orders from their back office, such as phone orders or concierge reservations for your VIP guests.

To learn more about how the Web Mode interface can work for you, please see our article Using the Box Office in Web Mode.

POS Mode is a new graphic interface which displays events as items in a tiled array in the box office window. The POS mode is more easily scannable and reduces the amount of searching required to locate events and items. This is a great front office interface for quick and efficient venue sales.

To learn more about how the POS Mode interface can work for you, please see our article Using the Box Office in POS Mode.

Note: For both the Web Mode and POS Mode box office interface options, the methods for opening and closing shifts, connecting Eventive Terminal and processing payments are the same.

Eventive Scanner

Eventive scanner is a great compliment to your box office setup. In addition to scanning, which provides you with a wealth of useful analytics, Eventive scanner can issue instant tickets and accept payments for rush line tickets.

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