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Read through our definitions of terms used across Eventive:

Event Buckets

Event Buckets are collections that hold related physical events, virtual screenings, passes, attendees, venues, discounts, and more. Your account can have multiple active Event Buckets simultaneously.

Ticket Buckets

Ticket Buckets represent actual tickets available for sale for your Physical Events and Virtual Screenings. If a Physical Event or Virtual Screening does not have a ticket bucket, individuals cannot order tickets or unlock screenings through Eventive.

Pass Buckets

Pass Buckets represent the different types of passes you're selling in each Event Bucket (for example: a "Festival Pass", a "VIP Pass", or a “Virtual Screening Pass”). Adding a Pass Rule to each Pass Bucket provides automatic discounted / free tickets to passholders. Pass Buckets can also be used to create Memberships.

Item Buckets

Item buckets allow you to sell merchandise and more in your box office on-site, in-person and over-the-phone.


We refer to a Film as any piece of pre-recorded video content. In the Films section of your dashboard, create a Film record for each film that will comprise the Physical Events and/or Virtual Screenings in your Event Bucket. Add synopses, credits, images, tags, links to trailers, invite filmmakers to upload their films, and more.

Create Film records for non-film content, such as Q&As or filmmaker introduction videos!

Virtual Screenings

The Virtual Screenings part of your dashboard is where you will create VOD screenings and Livestream events. Set up availability windows, Ticket Bucket(s), and more.

Types of Virtual Screenings

VOD refers to streaming films delivered at any time during the specified availability window from either ingested video files or external links.

Livestreams are streaming programs that are fed live into Eventive via a custom livestreaming RTMP link at a certain time. Livestream events are great for panels, workshops, and special non-film events.

VOD + Live is a combination of VOD and Livestreams. Your audience only needs one ticket and link to access a VOD + Live virtual screening.

Real-Time Broadcast allows you to play your VOD content as a one time livestream, with no replay. Users have to tune in at a certain time to start watching; if they tune in late, they'll miss part or all of the screening.

Availability, Unlock and Watch Windows

Availability Window is the window of time in which the screening is available to watch, determined by specific dates and times.

Unlock Window is the duration of time the person has to start watching the screening before their ticket expires.

Watch Window is the length of time the purchaser has to finish the screening once they've started watching it, by clicking "Watch now".

Learn more about these three windows of time here.

Physical Events

Your schedule is the heart of your festival or event, and physical events are what make up this schedule. They can be ticketed or non-ticketed, RSVP-required or walk-up-only.

Types of Physical Events

A Film Showing is an event containing one or more films.

An Other Event is great for workshops, panels, parties, and more. These types of events are often used to create events that do not require a ticket.

An Undated Event is used for displaying and selling access to activities or items without a specific time or date attached.

Admin Dashboard

Box Office

The Eventive Box Office is your complete solution for internal, in-person, and over-the-phone orders. Sell passes, tickets and items through the Box Office!


Tags are how you'll organize your events in the Film Guide and Virtual Catalog, as well as in Balloting.


Use Mailings to send targeted messages to your customers.

External Syncs

External syncs securely sync your Eventive event bucket data with MailChimp and Eventival, if enabled.


Each one of your customers becomes a Person in your dashboard. View these people records for communication and analysis.


In the Orders section of your dashboard, you can see the latest purchases and filter to find specific orders to better service your audience.

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