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Tips & Tricks: Build a Film Festival on Eventive
Tips & Tricks: Build a Film Festival on Eventive

Let us guide you through the first steps to start building your film festival on Eventive!

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Follow our tips & tricks below to get started creating your first film festival on Eventive!

First, create your event bucket! Learn how here.

Navigate to the Settings page on your dashboard to customize the name of your event bucket as well as the subdomain, which is the URL to your Eventive site (ie. [yourfestival]

You may want to hide the Film Guide and Schedule pages for now while you set up your site. Hide these pages by un-checking these boxes on your Event Bucket settings page:

The Settings page is also where you can edit the Tax and Fee settings for your event, should you wish to pass on fees to the customer, add sales tax, and more.

If using Eventive Virtual, open Eventive Virtual Settings to organize your virtual catalog, set unlock/watch windows, upload pre-roll, and choose whether to publicly promote your festival.

Next, customize the design of your Eventive site!

Most of this work will be done in the Configurator, which is found on the Event Bucket Settings page. The sections of the Configurator that we suggest focusing on are:

General Tab: Upload a logo, a banner image which will appear in your order confirmation emails, and more! Check out this article containing image upload specs.

Welcome Tab: Perhaps hide the Schedule and Film Guide buttons until those pages are ready for the public, create a welcome message, add a "ways to watch" table, and more!

Passes Tab: Add Pass Buckets to the "Passes to Display" box to sell passes directly from your Eventive site! The Pass Sales page can also be embedded on your organization's website.

Menus Tab: Perhaps hide the Schedule and Film Guide links until they're ready, add a link to your organization's main site and social media pages, and more.

Virtual Tab: If using Eventive Virtual, add header and footer banners, customize the option to collect donations at checkout, customize the "back" button destination, and more!

Misc Tab: Customize order confirmation emails and more!

Once you've got the basics set up, you're ready to start building your events!

Here are some useful resources:

Be sure to check out the Getting Started collection of articles in our Help Center!

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