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Eventive Virtual & Hybrid Organizer FAQ
Eventive Virtual & Hybrid Organizer FAQ

Common questions and price breakdown for organizations running virtual and hybrid events on Eventive.

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Are you a filmmaker looking to host a single film screening? You can find the Eventive Virtual - Single Film Activation Cost Breakdown & FAQ here.

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What is Eventive?

Eventive is the leading platform for virtual, in-person, and hybrid events. Over 1000 organizations around the world have partnered with Eventive to expand their audiences, streamline operations, and maximize impact.

Founded in 2015 as a ticketing platform designed to manage the complex needs of film festivals, we have since expanded our reach far beyond the walls of movie theaters, offering virtual cinema & events, livestreaming, and other exciting event building capabilities that meet the needs of organizations in this ever-changing world.

How does it work?

Interested organizers can fill out this form, and we will set you up with an account where you can build events, sell tickets, and manage your audience. The platform is designed to be self-serve, so you will have complete control over setting up your events and the branding of your Eventive site. And our Organizer Success team is available for guidance along the way!

Can I host in-person and virtual events at the same time?

Yes, both physical events and virtual events can be managed from the same dashboard, capturing all of your information and analytics in the same place! Combine physical and virtual events in the same event bucket to create a hybrid in-person and virtual festival!


How does pricing work?

It is free to sign up for Eventive Ticketing for in-person events, and if you would like to host virtual screenings you will need to activate with either the Eventive Virtual Single Film Plan (best for filmmakers) or the full Eventive Virtual Plan (best for festivals and year-round programs).

Here’s a comparison chart of the features and pricing for these three plans:

Eventive Ticketing

Eventive Virtual:

Single Film

Eventive Virtual

FREE Activation

$299 Annual Activation

$975 Annual Activation

  • Online schedule of events and film guide

  • Ability to sell tickets, passes, membership, concessions, merch, and more

  • In-person box office and unified inventory management

  • Detailed analytics on sales and attendance

  • Free venue mapping, including socially distant maps upon request

  • Targeted Mailings that can be segmented by pass type, event attended, or tags

  • Customizable design and branding across the platform

  • Ability to recognize sponsors in a variety of ways

  • Thousands of integrations including Mailchimp and Zapier

  • Transaction fee: 5% + $0.99 per ticket/pass purchase

    • Does not apply to free items or cash/check purchases

  • Stripe fee: 2.9% + $0.30 on donations and items like concessions & merch

Everything included in Eventive Ticketing, plus…

  • Ingest a single title with full DRM protection and forensic watermarking encoded for play on all devices

  • Create unlimited screenings with co-branding, unlimited ticket types, discounts, and revenue sharing

  • Unlimited Basic livestreams

  • 24/7 Audience Chat Support

  • $0.99 per DRM unlock streaming fee on VOD events

  • Optional Premium 1080p DRM-protected livestreams at $10/hr

    • $0.99 DRM unlock fee on Premium Livestream events

    • $1.49 DRM unlock fee on VOD + Premium Livestream events

  • *Bonus Credit* First 100 unlocks FREE

Everything included in Eventive Ticketing, plus…

  • Invisible forensic watermark & full DRM on every VOD screening

  • $350 ingest credit toward any combination of features ($25) and shorts ($5, under 30min). Additional film ingests billed at those rates.

  • Create unlimited screenings, ticket types, discounts, & revenue sharing

  • Unlimited free trailers & pre-roll videos

  • Unlimited free external links for non-DRM content

  • Unlimited Basic livestreams

  • 24/7 Audience Chat Support

  • $0.99 per DRM unlock streaming fee on VOD events

  • Optional Premium 1080p DRM-protected livestreams at $10/hr

    • $0.99 DRM unlock fee on Premium Livestream events

    • $1.49 DRM unlock fee on VOD + Premium Livestream events

More details about Eventive Virtual pricing and its full list of features are available at the bottom of this article.

How do ticketing and platform fees work for hybrid events?

Transaction Fee: The ticketing transaction fee on all paid physical and virtual tickets and pass orders is 5% + $0.99 per item. Your organization can absorb these fees or pass them on to the customer. The transaction fee includes all credit card processing fees. There is no transaction fee on free orders, or cash or check sales.

Donation and Item Fee: The fee on donations and item buckets - such as concessions and merch - is 2.9% + $0.30.

DRM Unlock Fee: There is an additional $0.99 DRM unlock fee on tickets to virtual screenings in which ingested content is used.

The $0.99 DRM unlock fee is charged per ticket purchased ("unlocked") to a virtual screening, as long as the virtual screening contains ingested VOD content. The fee is not incurred on screenings consisting only of external content or basic livestreams.

The charge is incurred once per virtual ticket purchase (including if the ticket is free), whether the virtual screening is a single feature or multiple films such as a shorts program.

The DRM unlock fee is only incurred on tickets for virtual screenings, not on tickets to in-person physical events.

Learn more about DRM security and read our list of DRM unlock fees in all supported currencies.

Livestreams: Basic Livestreams are included at no cost for events with paid tickets! If your event is entirely free to attend, you can add livestreams to your account for $10 per hour.

We also offer Premium Livestreams, which include full 1080p HD, DRM protection, adaptive bitrates, open captions, and free file downloads after the stream.

Premium Livestreams cost $10/hour, plus:

  • $0.99 DRM unlock fee on Premium Livestream-only events

  • $1.49 DRM unlock fee on VOD + Premium Livestream events

DRM unlock fees are incurred each time an audience member enters a Premium Livestream, and the $10/hour fee is charged per Premium Livestream program. For example, a 2-hour Premium Livestream would cost your organization $20, plus the DRM unlock fee per ticket.

What are the benefits for non-profits?

We waive ticketing fees on donations for non-profits, so you only pay the Stripe credit card processing fee. In other words, donations do not incur the entire 5% + $0.99 transaction fee. Rather, the fee on donations is 2.9% + $0.30 USD.

For organizations activating or renewing Eventive Virtual after February 1, 2021, we offer a $100 statement credit when you provide us with your organization’s certificate of non-profit status following new activation or renewal.

To receive this $100 non-profit credit after activating or renewing Eventive Virtual, please send your IRS certificate of nonprofit status, state/local/national sales tax or VAT exemption certificate (where applicable), and Tax ID number to

Please include your Organization name & Tax ID in the subject line. Please be sure that your IRS paperwork is a PDF, and the file name includes the name of the organization that your Eventive account is set up under.

Can we sell merchandise and concessions on Eventive?

Yes! Whether your organization is selling t-shirts, popcorn, posters, coffee mugs, or monogrammed earmuffs, Eventive has the tools to help you sell items. Please note that Item Buckets can only be sold via your Eventive Box Office and not directly from your Eventive Native site at this time. The fee on paid item purchases is 2.9% + $0.30.

Can we test out the platform before we pay the activation fee for Eventive Virtual?

Yes! We’d be happy to set you up with a trial account! You can fill out the form here and we’ll get you started. In trial mode, you will be able to test every aspect of setting up a virtual screening or livestream, but you won’t be able to upload content over 3 minutes or host public virtual screenings. You can find our trial account best practices here.

Do you require a contract?

No, we do not require a contract and do not require any exclusivity. You can stop using our service at any time. We have Terms of Service that are available here.

Do you have a Refund Policy on Activation Fees?

We have a Satisfaction Guarantee Refund Policy for the first 30 days after activation. If you decide that you would like a refund after you start using the platform for film screenings and livestreams, we would deduct the operational costs incurred from any film ingestion and bandwidth used for livestreams from the $975 Activation Fee before refunding.


How long does it take to set up an event on Eventive?

This depends on the size and technical know-how of your team, but we recommend at least 4-6 weeks to get everything set up and to allow time for troubleshooting.

How many administrators can I add to my account?

As many as you like! You can add teammates with different levels of access to help with specific functions, like managing the box office or helping with the technical setup.

Is creating physical events different from setting up virtual events?

The basics are the same, but there are a few things to consider when setting up physical events that differ. Here is a collection of articles that will help get you started.

Can I test out my Eventive site before I go live to my audience?

Yes! We highly recommend that you walk through the process of buying tickets and passes to your events to check your settings are correct and be sure you’ve customized all of your messaging across the site.

You will especially want to test out your virtual events! Here are some best practices for testing and a virtual event checklist.


What support do I receive as an Organizer?

After activation, you will have an onboarding call with our Organizer Success team to help you get set up. After onboarding, you can reach us via the message box on your Organizer Dashboard, or via email at We are also constantly creating new help articles and video resources for organizers.

Weekday organizer chat support hours are 9am-9pm EST, and Weekend & Holiday hours are 12pm-4pm EST. Support is provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Send questions as early as possible to ensure that deadlines are met.

Please note that our Premium Support organizers receive a guaranteed 1-hour response time 7 days a week, between 9am-9pm EST.

You can check out Organizer Chat Support Tips & Tricks for more information.

What support does my audience receive?

There is a "Need Help?" button on all Virtual Catalog and Virtual Screening pages, which takes audience members to our Audience FAQ page. If they're unable to find the answer in the FAQ, they can launch live chat support to speak with our audience support team.

Live audience support chat is available from 9am-3am EST, and an automated resolution robot is available 24/7.

Our Audience FAQ is available in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, and Chinese -- with more languages coming soon!

What is Premium Support?

This is an optional add-on & is in addition to the Annual Activation Fee.

Premium Support includes a 1-hour service guarantee, weekly 1-hour expert consultation on a live call with our team, plus on-call phone/screen organizer support during your festival dates. You can enroll for the month of your festival only, or for longer time periods. This service is billed month-to-month, and you can start support months on any date to provide support when your organization needs it most (i.e. October 10th-November 9th).

Premium Support is $1800 per month, and includes:

  • Dedicated account manager from our Organizer Success Team

  • Up to 4 hours of one-on-one meetings

  • Exclusive access to Eventive’s Premium Support online chat, open 9:00 am - 9:00 pm EST, 7 days a week, with a guaranteed first response time from a chat support agent within 1 hour.

Custom Premium Support Packages

Need more support? We also offer additional concierge support beyond the Premium Support level if desired. Custom Premium Support can include but is not limited to site design, operations, box office management, and more.

  • Full concierge setup

  • On-site box office management for physical events

  • Event staffing - have an Eventive Staff Member on call during the event to ensure maximum support and troubleshooting

You can also find more information around support options here. If interested in Premium Support, or a Custom Support Package, please reach out to

Does Eventive provide any physical event equipment?

Yes! We offer Equipment Rentals & Purchases as an add-on to your subscription, as well as the free Eventive Box Office App for iOS devices.

Here are some of our Hardware Recommendations for printing passes, tickets, and beyond.

What reports and analytics does my organization get?

We offer deep, constantly evolving analytics about your audience. Once you've had a few sales, check out the Analytics section of your event bucket. Detailed analytics include attendee analytics, pass sales analytics, geo-analytics, streaming analytics, sales analytics, and more.


Can I embed Eventive into my website?

Yes! You can embed pages including the film guide, schedule, and your pass and ticket sales pages directly onto your own website using the Embed Wizard!

For when our simple embeds aren't enough, Eventive Everywhere provides a deeper level of integration into your existing website. With Order Tickets buttons, embedded Eventive Virtual player, login widgets, and more, your audience can access elements of your Eventive site without ever leaving your organization's own website!

Can I customize my Eventive Watch page?

There are many ways to customize your page, including adding banners, changing the page background color, and choosing how your content is grouped and displayed. Here is a video that dives into many of the ways that you can customize your page!

Can I integrate my sponsors into my Eventive Watch page?

There are many ways to integrate sponsors into your virtual event! We've seen organizations use features including pre-roll and post-roll videos, screening page display ads, footer banners, and more to thank and highlight their sponsors.

Check out our help article with sponsor integration examples, as well as a video that covers many different ways to highlight sponsors.

What white-labeling features are available?

  • Branding opportunities for custom logo and graphic insertion throughout the site, plus a branded channel on - Cost: None

  • Placement on the Eventive Roku and Apple TV apps - Cost: None

  • Email & purchase/statement confirmations delivered using the organization name you specify. Your subscribers and customers order directly from you via your own branded Eventive ticketing and subscription site - Cost: None

  • Custom subdomain on a domain you control for your subscription and film guide portal, i.e. - Cost: None

  • Custom watch site, i.e. - Cost: $500

  • iOS + Android app version of your Eventive mobile site - Cost: $1250

  • Custom branded TV apps for Roku and Apple TV - Cost: $5000

Can our event be in a language other than English?

There are many customizable elements of the interface that you can translate into any language or display multiple languages via the Configurator. For example, you can translate buttons, menus, on-screen prompts, and more.

However, there are several underlying system dialogues such as the checkout window that contain English elements that are not yet translatable. The best way to see what you are able to customize is to try it out for yourself! You can request a trial account by filling out this form.


Eventive Virtual Cost Breakdown & Included Features

Activation Fee


Covers use of the Platform for one year

5% + $0.99

Applies to all paid ticket and pass orders


Applies per virtual screening unlock
(in other words, per virtual ticket)

Donation and Item Bucket Fee

2.9% + $0.30

Applies to all paid donations and item bucket purchases

Additional Film Ingestion

$25 per additional feature film (30 min & over)

$5 per additional short film (under 30 min)

Applies if you upload more films beyond the $350 credit included with activation


Basic Livestreams: Included at no cost for events with paid tickets. For free events, you can add livestreams for $10/hour.

Premium Livestreams: $10/hour, plus $0.99 DRM unlock fee on Premium Livestream-only events or $1.49 DRM unlock fee on VOD + Premium Live events

Applies to Eventive Virtual only

Ticket cost example: $12 ticket - $1.59 transaction fee - $.99 DRM Unlock fee = $9.42 after fees

Pass cost example: $100 pass - $5.99 transaction fee = $94.01 after fees + $.99 DRM per program unlock, charged back to your organization as a deferred fee

Eventive Virtual Included Features:

  • Ingestion Credit of $350 // Feature Films (30 minutes & over) are $25 & Short Films (under 30 minutes) are $5

  • Ingestion of content under 3 minutes is free - i.e. trailers, pre-roll, etc.

  • Full DRM protection on ingested content

  • Eventive Advanced Antipiracy, the most rigorous content security program for mass film streaming ever deployed. Nagra NexGuard invisible forensic watermark is applied to all uploaded content at no additional cost.

  • Geoblocking on a continent, country, state, and/or city level

  • Organizer Support including an hour-long Onboarding Meeting

  • Eventive Apps for Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV (more coming soon)

  • Livestream with chat function for audience engagement

  • Opportunities for sponsor integration

  • Comprehensive ticketing & balloting

  • Closed captioning capabilities & descriptive audio files supported

  • Embed the film guide, schedule, and ticketing on your own website

  • Reporting including sales analytics, geo-analytics, streaming analytics, and more

  • Integrations with MailChimp, Eventival, and Zapier

What is Eventive Advanced Antipiracy and DRM? Is your platform secure?

All content is protected with the same Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology used by Disney+, iTunes, and Netflix. DRM prevents users from downloading, copying, redistributing, or converting content to ensure streams only playback on trusted devices with a valid session.

Every film uploaded and streamed via Eventive is secured with a Nagra NexGuard invisible forensic watermark at no additional cost. This forensic watermark identifies each individual user and session, meaning any unauthorized use can be traced right back to the source. Find the full Eventive Advanced Antipiracy information here.

Visible overlay watermarking is also available by request at no additional cost. Session specific and user-specific burn-in watermarking are also available.

Availability windows, geographic restrictions, and the number of streams can all be restricted. Geographic restrictions are verified using a combination of IP address location, on-device location services, and proxy detection.

Does the platform support geo-blocking?

Yes, there are plenty of geo-blocking options - you can choose no geographic restrictions, to only allow certain geographic regions, or to allow all except certain geographic regions. This is available on a continent, country, state, or even to certain zip codes.

How do livestreams work?

Eventive Native Livestreams are created through an external encoder source, such as Zoom, Skype, OBS, etc., and piped into your Eventive Livestreaming Hub. Your audience views the livestream through the front end of our platform and interacts via a chatbox. Your audience is not visible on-screen unless they are also participating through the external source (i.e. the Zoom meeting).

To create an Eventive livestream, start with a livestream encoder source that can stream to an RTMP (Real Time Messaging Protocol) link provided by Eventive. Here is a full list of compatible sources for livestreams.

Be sure to watch our demo video all about livestreaming, and read our guide to launching your livestream on Eventive.

Is there a place where I can see how films play out or experience Eventive Virtual as an audience member?

We have created a demo festival that has example short films, a shorts block, banners, example sponsor logos, and example pre-roll. You can find the demo festival here.

What are the file upload requirements?

  • Video File Requirements: H.264 @ 1080p / 10Mbps - Recommend under 10GB. The file requirements for projecting in theaters is typically much higher than what is needed for streaming online.

  • Audio Channels: two-channel stereo with Matrix embedded surround

  • Closed Captions: .SRT or .VTT files

Learn more about uploading films here.

Can I use a different ticketing vendor?

Eventive already includes comprehensive ticketing, which creates a one-stop-shop for your organization and audience! Connect your bank account, allowing payments to go directly into your account! Using Eventive ticketing also gives you all of your analytics and reports in one place.

You have the option to integrate with an external ticketing vendor by bulk issuing tickets within Eventive, creating discount codes, or using an API based integration to automatically dispatch tickets.

Have any remaining questions?

Send us a message by clicking the blue icon in the lower right corner of your screen!

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